African Americans live sicker and die younger than any other ethnic group in the nation. Why is this happening? THE SKIN YOU'RE IN is a feature documentary, website and book about the astonishing African-American health disparity - why it exists and what can be done about it...THE SKIN YOU’RE IN, Our Town Films and Johns Hopkins Public Health researcher Dr. Thomas LaVeist will investigate this disturbing phenomenon: the astonishing disparity between Black and White health in America, find out why it exists and discover what can be done about it. The film will take viewers on a journey of exploration of this problem. We will talk to leading experts and researchers from around the country who will explain the problems and what can be done. But mostly we will see the problem first hand in the everyday lives of African American families telling their stories, and meet people who are making a difference. 

Project website: TheSkinYouAreIn.org
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Executive Producer/Writer: Thomas LaVeist
Director: Paul Sanderson, OurTownFims.com 
Producer: Sam Pollard, Sam's alternate page at New York University Click Here

Thomas LaVeist, PhD, discusses an upcoming documentary exploring African American health. The documentary answers the question: Why do African American live sicker and die younger than all other ethnic groups? For more information on the documentary, please visit http://theskinyouarein.org/.